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zkVerify Roadmap

Implementing a minimum viable zkVerify

Milestone 1 - March 2024
  • zkVerify: A blockchain built on a widely supported framework called Substrate, which features a seamless upgrade process, allows for the exchange of $ACME and verification of FFLONK proofs (produced by the Polygon zkEVM).

  • Proof Submission Interface: An RPC and set of transactions used by zk-rollups or zk-applications to submit proofs to zkVerify

  • Attestation mechanism: A protocol that publishes data to Ethereum to show that a proof was verified by zkVerify

  • zkVerify Smart Contract: The storage and validation mechanism that lives on Ethereum and allows zkVerify users to verify their proof was included in an attestation.

  • Polygon zkEVM rollup: A rollup built with Polygon’s CDK that lives on Sepolia testnet (Ethereum’s testnet) which generates and submits proofs to zkVerify.

Expanding testnet access

Milestone 2 - May 2024
  • zkVerify: additions to zkVerify including:
    • A change of consensus from AURA to BABE
    • Implementation of a new proof verification pallet which verifies zkSync Era proofs
  • Network changes to allow for external parties to run a validator/boot/rpc/simple node
  • Documentation updates

Adding proof verifiers

Milestone 2.1 - June 13 2024
  • Two new proof verifiers aimed at expanding accessibility and increasing use cases that zkVerify can accommodate.
    • Risc0 proof verifier
    • Groth 16 proof verifier
  • fflonk verifier enhancements.
  • Proof submission interface generalization part one.
  • Stabilization of the finality gadget
Milestone 2.2 - June 2024

Coming soon! This milestone will feature more proof verifiers and new networks for attestation.